Customized Geo Based Lists: A Clever Choice of Smart Marketer

Personalize Your List With GD
Your marketing Campaign is ready, but are you still in a fix?

You thought you are ready to go ahead with email marketing your products, but do not have the list information the way you wanted it?

It mentions the city name, but not the province it belongs to, or has some fields missing that you required most. Getting business list with desired fields is the prerequisite for online marketing, as whole campaign depends on it.

GD can help you with personalized location based lists of all possible industries present in the world. Our customized business lists will include the fields you want see, and that hold importance for your business. You can get the lists customized with Geo Database (GD) on the basis of

Geographical location: With geolocationbased customized lists, you can get IT users list from USA or List of engineers from Alaska or any application users list from Singapore among others. The list can target on any continent, country, state, province, city, neighborhood, street or anything you can come up with.

Demography: Demography based lists include information specific to prospects like their name, age, gender, interests, income, job, hobbies, etc. You can ask for any particular fields of your requirement in these lists.

• People: If you are targeting CEO, CFO, CMO, COO, CTO, CIO, VP, AVP, Director, Managing Director, General Manager or multi-level executives from various organizations; our customized people based lists can help you out.

• Industry: Industry specific lists can be customized by us as per any requirement; say, IT users only from Arizona or Accountants working on tally from Singapore

Company: Company specific lists can be customized on the basis of the size of company, Specialization area, products, services, location, revenue, markets it deals into or any other specification.

We have the proficiency to create any type of customized list and can help you even if your customization criteria are different from what we have spoken about.

To know more, try our Free Sample Lists or

Feel free to write in case of any queries. Your comments are always welcome .

Juliana Brooklyn

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